• Discussion on how to maintain overall health & wellness by adopting health behaviours. Focus on preventive health measures by making lifestyle choices. Understand how technological interventions can assist in making better lifestyle choices and managing conditions at home.

  • Discussion about existing and new technologies that support health and wellness management.

  • Discuss insights around health and wellness management. share how technological interventions help us to prevent disease and effectively manage chronic conditions at home.

    Nutrition ManagementMedication ManagementExercise ManagementSymptoms ManagementStress ManagementVital Management
  • Discuss steps required to efficiently manage chronic conditions self-management. This includes monitoring, eating habits, physical activity, medication adherence. get tips on how the care at home can be supported through technology.

  • Discuss questions and answers related to health care required before and after a surgical operation. Get insights and share tips to take all steps to increase the success of the surgery.

  • Health issues related to children and young adults including allergies, common infections and problems caused by poor hygiene. The discussions revolve around the role of educational institutions and parents in ensuring better health and wellness of chidren and role of technology in meeting this goal.

  • Discussion about factors affecting reproductive & maternal health of women. Focus on important things to consider to improve maternal health of women.

  • Open discussion about the importance of mental wellbeing. Discuss emotional, psychological, & social factors that affect mental health. Role of family, friens and soiety to understand and improve mental health.

  • Learn more about our musculoskeletal system consisting of the body's bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and cartilage.

  • Discussion around skin disorders and their causes. Become aware of various symptoms and remedies.

  • Discuss problems related to eye as well as ear, nose and throat. Common problems and care practices.

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